Hello I am #NAME the Shoyru, I love to fly around with my wings so I can soar among the clouds and look down upon Neopia! Flying is such great fun. My owner, #OWNERLOOKUP, taught me how to fly. I wasn't too good at first, but with a lot of practice I can now take off and land with ease.

So what does a great Shoyru like me enjoy? I love reading, #OWNERLOOKUP buys me lots of great books and I am getting really smart. Currently my intelligence is #INTELLIGENCE - cool huh!

I am only #HOURS hours old so I still have a lot to learn. Every weekend I go to watch the Tournaments at the Neopian Battledome. There are some fantastic fights that take place, when I get older I am going to be the best fighter in the whole of Neopia.

During the week I usually get taken to the Training School where I learn new skills from the great Techo Master. He is so wise, #OWNERLOOKUP says I should really listen to the Techo Master as he can teach me everything from endurance and strength to amazing battle moves.
If you want to have a practice fight with me, just NeoMessage #OWNERLOOKUP. I promise not to be too hard on your NeoPet :)

These are my stats:

  • Level - #LEVEL
  • Strength - #STRENGTH
  • Speed - #MOVE
  • Defence - #DEFENCE
  • Hit Points - #CURRENT_HP/#MAX_HP

This is what I look like! Cute, huh?